Monday, June 27, 2016

An 1890s Walking Dress

Sooo after forever, I've decided to start working on a new Victorian dress project. What I have in mind is something that has been on the eventual to-do list for a while - just a simple 1890s walking outfit. I've been wanting an outfit like this for its simplicity and ease of not having to worry about things like trains/long hems, ruffles, etc.

What I'm looking to put together is a simple shirtwaist with a flared skirt. I may make a fitted vest to go over top of the shirtwaist and - pending that I have enough material - maybe even do a false shirtwaist to go under a jacket. We'll see.

In the meantime, here's some of the photos I've been poking through to get the creative juices flowing.
1890s dress via Pinterest
1899 Wedding Dress from V&A

1897 printed day dress from FIDM
1890s two-piece walking dress
 I found a few pictures of some shirtwaists too and a fitted vest.
1890s shirtwaist from The Met
1896-1898 shirtwaist from The Met
1890s waistcoats from FIDM
 And I even found a couple of false shirtwaists to go under jackets for reference.
1898-1899 shirtwaist from The Met
1890s, maybe early Edwardian (?) image via Pinterest
And a few more pictures that I found in my perusing.
1900 ensemble - image via Pinterest
1890s - source unknow6
1896 Fashion Plate - via Pinterest
Delineator Fashion Plate, June 1898 - via Pinterest
I'm planning to sift through my patterns and fabric over the next few days and pull out some materials, plus I need to go through my existing wardrobe to see if there might be any underpinnings or accessories I need to go with the outfit.

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  1. I love that two-piece walking dress. Very sharp with the hat and the parasol.