Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Few Quick Updates

Ugh, I have been so lazy in keeping up to date on my posts these last couple of months.

Part of the problem is I haven't had a hardcore costume project to keep my mind focused for a while. I've been mostly doing quick sewing projects since the start of the year that don't warrant too much research of time for putting together. I'm planning to make some changes to that (more on that in a couple of posts).

Part of my distraction lies in that I've been starting to make plans for August for traveling, and my wedding next year. Yep, I'm engaged now!This happened back at the end of April, but due to aforementioned laziness, I'm just now mentioning it.
I have to show off my ring though because Kerry proved just how well he knows me by picking a vintage ring. We know it's about 100 years old, but that is about it since it has no maker's marks and came with no provenance. I absolutely love it though and the gentleman who gave it to me!

Among all this, I did finish a cross stitch project. It was a gift for my mumsy for Mother's Day and by my own rules, I can't post anything gift related until the person receives it. Otherwise, it kind of ruins the surprise.

I found the pattern at my local cross stitch/needlepoint store and picked out my own overdyed threads and linen fabric for it based on the front picture. 
Since it was a small piece, it only took about 2-3 weeks to put together and finish. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
In other cross stitch related news, my Mirabilia piece, Charlotte, is coming along very nicely.
More news coming this weekend!

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  1. Oh Huzzaaaaaah and congratulations to you!! I love your ring and that your sweet chose an antique one for you!! Your cross stitch looks beautiful as well!! Again, congratulations to you!!