Thursday, May 12, 2016

Measure Thrice and Cut Twice

So a couple months ago I went on a 1950s bender and bought a bunch of vintage and vintage-inspired patterns. The first project I decided to work on was a Hawaiian print, pleated skirt.
McCall's M6706 Pleated Skirt
I have not used McCall's before so I did a lot of measuring before hand to pick out the size that would work best for me, since nothing ever runs true to the given measurements it seems.

So I picked my size and starting  putting everything together. The first problem I ran into before I could even cut out my pattern pieces though is my fabric was too narrow for the pieces.

I knew this from the get go when I picked out my fabric, but I wanted the print sooo badly and accepted the challenge that came with narrow fabric. It took some manipulation because the print repeat wasn't perfect, but for my first time piecing together a print this wild and crazy, I'm pretty proud of myself.
Once everything was pieced, I then treated it as one piece of fabric and cut everything out. Where possible, I tried to hide the piecing seam in a box pleat on the waistband. The instructions for this skirt and putting it together were a breeze. The part that probably took the longest outside of piecing was hand sewing the waistband in. I also added 3" of material to the hem since I'm a bit long legged and I prefer longer hems anyway.
So I got everything put together no problem, and tried the skirt on.
Yes, super cute, but despite multiple measurements, the skirt was huge on me.
Well back to the drawing board as they say. Yes, I should have done a mock-up, but I was pretty certain on my measurements. So I re-measured, re-pieced, and re-cut everything, this time going a size down on the pattern. This did the trick! And now the finished piece!
It has survived a trip through the wash already too to remove any chalk markings, so it is nice sound piece that I'm looking to have some fun wearing this summer!

 *           *          *
Pattern: McCall's M6706, view D

Alterations: additional 3" added to the hem

Materials: cotton shirting fabric, lightweight fusible interfacing for the waistband

Notions: poly thread, matching zipper, bar closures

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