Friday, April 8, 2016

Sewing Space Improvements

So while I have been diligently working on a couple sewing projects and my cross stitch, I went on a week long hiatus of not really doing a whole lot. My sewing space sits in the same room as the office, and because it doesn't get a whole lot of use (outside of my sewing), it also has the propensity for being a huge dumping ground of things that myself and the beau (Kerry) would really not deal with at the immediate moment.

In the spirit of spring cleaning though, we go into the room to clean, purge, and just go through things. Part of the the mess includes a lot of stuff that I never got around to going through when I moved over a year and a half ago. While going through everything, I found this gem of a photo from when I was probably in the 10th or 11th grade (2004-2005). So here's a Throwback Thursday on Friday.
It's from a Girl Scout workshop that had something to do with local heritage or history (I don't remember, there's too much dust on that portion of the brain). But as you can see, I had a very early introduction to corsets. I have a vague recollection of being laced into it and going, "Cool! So this is what these things feel like!"

Any who...

So along with cleaning, we renovated the closet in the room as well. Two bonuses to that. The first is we got rid of the old closet hardware which was awesome 1950-1960s architecture specimens (In other words, crap), and put up adjustable shelving and clothing rods. The second bonus is now we have oodles of room for putting everything away and organizing it!

So now, I have a bunch of closet space for keeping all the costume supplies organized!

And we were able to put away so much stuff, that the floor is now clear!
I can now have my sewing drawers next to the table, there's enough room for the ironing board to be IN the same room (Not in the hallway), and I have enough floor space for my cutting boards! While I'm sure Kerry will appreciate not having me all over the house trying to do projects, it makes things a lot easier for me too.

To start, I can leave stuff out overnight. No more cleaning up stuff from the living room and hallway, I can just leave it set out in the room. Next, we have two fur babies (dogs) who have a propensity to shed A LOT. I do love them, but picking hair out of the projects can be a pain sometimes (Not the silk!). The office/sewing space is gated off to minimize how much the dogs can be in there, and it helps to keep the pet hair down too. Again, everything is now in one room.

I've already had a couple days in the room to get situated and start sewing again, and it is so much nicer!

Let the sewing commence!

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  1. The picture was from a badge workshop at the Heritage House. You then had to sort oranges on some sort of machine that you had to pedal. Gave you very rosy cheeks as I recall.