Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 Year in Review

My year review is coming up a little late, but normal work keeps me occupied like always. Despite health issues during the springtime and a full-time work schedule, I got a number of small projects done a couple of big ones as well.

At the start of the year I finished two cross stitch projects that had been in progress for a VERY long time:
Mermaid of the South Seas
The Kiss

Then in April I got a couple of accessories finished for Lexie:

My 1860s sheer stripe dress was one of my big projects for 2015. From March through May this dress consumed a lot of what little free time I had between work and being sick on/off again. I'm still very happy with how this one turned out and I got to learn a lot while making it.
Although it was only a mock-up, I did get my Regency stays done. I never did get around to sewing the real ones, but I am hoping to accomplish that this year.
And then this year I went on a handbag spree. Starting with this little gem that was later gifted.

Summer had me thinking about the beaches and swimming. My 1890s beachwear was my next big project and it's probably my favorite one for 2015.
 And for the special occasion, I made a decorated boater hat to go with it.
Fall consisted of a Regency sewing spree. I went to work on an 1800-1810 Regency drop front dress and also put together a quick shawl to go with it. While the dress still isn't completely finished, I plan to do finishing touches soon.
For Halloween, I went vintage and put together a 1950s style swing skirt to wear into work.
Also in October, I got a head start on Christmas presents and put together an underpinnings set for Lexie to add to her own historical wardrobe.
Last but not least, a huge handbag spree for Christmas time gifts. I made a total of nine of these lovely little gems.
Aside from finishing some items, I don't have set plans set for my 2016 projects. Like last year, it will probably be a mix of cleaning out my stash and seeing what comes to me in the moment. In the meantime, happy sewing!

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