Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Witch Skirt

October was a busy month! I've been putting in some overtime for work and then I was away on business for a couple days as well. While there hasn't been much going on in the realm of sewing, I still got a couple of projects done.

This one was a black skirt that I made for work to wear during October. Our dress code rules state that we have to wear black, but there wasn't anything about NOT dressing up for Halloween on Saturday (Plus they did trick or treating at the mall on Wednesday night).

I found a great Halloween fabric at the store on super sale (70% by the time I threw all my coupons together), a crisp poly taffeta with velvet spider web flocking all over it. I'll readily admit, the first time I saw it, I thought, "That would make a great skirt!"

Once I got it home, I pulled out my trusty flared skirt pattern, Vogue V8882. I've used this pattern before and while it has some modern touches, the skirt itself is a full circle and has a nice 1950s flair, my favorite cut. I probably could have done this in a couple days, but it took two weeks since I was working with only minimal free time between work and traveling.
My only adjustments from the original is I left off the hem stiffener made from self fabric and fusible interfacing. The taffeta was already pretty stiff and with my flared skirts, I like to wear tulle crinoline skirts underneath. I wore my red one that I purchased recently from ebay and for $10, it's got a great amount of fwoof.
Available from ebay seller eternal-love-609
Added my witch hat fascinator, a bright green scarf, some stockings, red shoes, and voila! Fashionable witch wear to go from work to evening and still look great while riding a broomstick!

*          *           *
Pattern: Vogue V8882

Fabric: 100% polyester taffeta with velvet flocking in a spider wed pattern

Notions: Poly thread, matching zipper, black interfacing for waistband

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