Sunday, September 13, 2015

Finished 1890s Bathing Costume

The weather was lovely, my sister was at the house, I remembered that I needed to photograph my costume... So here it is in all its green splendor!
Front with the skirt over top
Back of skirt with pleating

Bloomer bottoms underneath the skirt
I love all the stripes everywhere!
The outfit includes a matching swimcap
The one-piece bloomer and blouse underneath the skirt
Bloomer and blouse combo from the back
Based on the materials I looked through while working on this project, this bathing costume has more of an 1890s vibe. The decoration motif is based off an original Met piece, but the color itself is different from many of the typical colors seen on the original pieces. While it is different, I love how it turned out with all the striping on the sailor collar, waistband, cuffs, cap, and front inset.

I will note that I did make several changes to the original pattern. For a lot of the top stitching, I opted to hand stitch instead to help eliminate the number of visible seams. The striped front inset is attached using hooks and eyes instead of buttons, and there are additional hooks and eyes on the skirt and suit combo waistbands to provide additional support on the buttons.

In another post, I had wrote that I couldn't find instructions on how to add elastic to the bloomer cuffs. They were there actually, but buried underneath the "finishing" instructions. I'm glad I added the elastic because the ruffles match up nicely with the sleeves. Here are links to additional posts on this project:

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Hat Project

One more project done, and one more piece of fabric off the stash pile!

*          *          *

Fabric - Seafoam green and light cream broadcloth, both 100% cotton

Notions - Bias trim and strips made from the same fabric, hooks and eyes, mother of pearl buttons, matching poly thread, and 3/8" elastic for the cuffs. 


  1. Oh Glennis!! I am so in love with your bathing suit! The color is so soft and lovely! Not the dark blues and reds that I have seen before! I LOVE it!! I may have to rethink my future bathing suit in a softer hue......your bathing cap is adorable as is the straw hat!! Wonderful made!!!

    1. Thank you! I know the color isn't entirely "accurate," but I love how it turned out together!

  2. Hi Glennis! I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Head over to my blog to learn more about the award and congratulations!