Monday, August 17, 2015

Last Touch-ups for the Bathing Costume

I'm on the homestretch now for finishing up my bathing costume. For the main portion, I just have to add buttons, the collar ties, and figure out how to attach the front inset.
The skirt is going to be easy, I just need to sew on a button and a buttonhole.

On the inside, I used some of the leftover green bias to bind the edges of the armhole. This is a newer tactic I've started using on my finished pieces and it works a lot better than just overlock stitching everything.
Overall, the inset is proving to be slightly difficult. On the original instructions, the inset is supposed to be bound on the right side, then buttons are used to attach it to the left side under the collar.

I wasn't completely digging that idea since it would make it bulky under the collar on the one side. Instead, I'm opting to attach it in using hooks and eyes.
I've only attached the shoulder hooks so far, but it seems to be working for keeping everything in place. Again, still have a bunch of small things to finish off, but I did get the bathing cap done!

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  1. Oh how fabulous!!! I cannot wait to see you clad in your VBS!!!! I love the color you chose and the pattern is delightful! Your bathing cap is fabulous as well!!