Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bias, bias everywhere!

Since my idea to use soutache trim didn't pan out, I went with bias cut fabric strips to help trim out the swimsuit. I'm using some cream fabric that I already had on had, so I've been cutting, sewing, cutting some more, and then sewing even more. In short, I've never used this much bias before.

I've used bias strips before - for edging corsets and bodices, and I've used the pre-made stuff too for boning channels on bustles and crinolines. I'll readily admit though, that I've never made this much.
Of course one of the things I found is that cutting this much bias is easy, getting it ironed and folded turned out to be another challenge. When I first started ironing, the folds wouldn't stay very well and I would usually have to hand press them again while pinning everything. Then on a whim, I pulled out my Mary Ellen's Best Press and gave the fabric a light spritz before ironing. Oh what a difference!
About 6 yards of this stuff later, I started pinning and sewing. With the trim changes, my main inspiration is coming from this original piece.

Beachwear 1885 from The Met
So everything is getting trim!
Inset for the front
And then I flipped the color of my fabric and added some green bias on the sailor color, which is done in the cream fabric.

I've also added it to the edges of the skirt, and the cuffs of the sleeves and bloomer bottoms. Off to finish sewing everything on!

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