Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Victorian Tea Event at Muncie Public Library

Please excuse the sparse postings, I've been dealing with some health issues over the last month. This is sort of a continuation of what happened to my sheer stripe dress.

The reason I was putting the dress together to begin with is back in February, my friend Kerrie had asked if I would come out to the Muncie Public Library where she worked to do a Victorian workshop. No biggie, I love doing workshops and lectures. Muncie is in Indiana and I live in NE Ohio so...roadtrip!

We had several attendees and had areas set up for making tea hats, fans, and calling cards.
Making tea hats - Image from Muncie Public Library

I brought along Doris the Dressform to dress so the girls could see the multiple layers involved with a Victorian outfit.
Corset lacing on Doris - Image from Muncie Public Library
Dressing Doris - Image from Muncie Public Library
I also took along a bunch of the original artifacts and reproductions from my personal collection for everyone to look at.
And for a little of fun, I finally got to take my Gettysburg shoes out and wear them for the first time! So comfy!
Although this was my birthday weekend, I'm so glad I got to sped it doing what I love most and with friends!
Me and my new dress, and Kerrie borrowing the Indienne tea dress

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