Sunday, June 7, 2015

Finished Sheer Stripe Dress

Everything came together finally - we had nice weather, low humidity, and both myself and the boyfriend were home so he could help me with pictures. The dress itself has been finished for a few weeks, but this was the first time I was able to get around to photographing it.

So first, my prior posts on how everything went together.
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And the finished dress!

 The blouse ended up being a little big on me still, despite my sizing adjustments. In comparison to my first dress though, it still fits so much better.
I love the bodice detailing I did with the brown accents and the extra work I did on the inner lining makes it fit much better.
One of the larger changes I had made was to separate the bodice from the skirt due to sewing technique. Thankfully both alterations went together smoothly and went put together, both look like they're attached to each other.
Having a small Gone With the Wind moment when the breeze came up

Best of all, it's so nice and lightweight! It was about 80-85 out when we did the photos and I wasn't too hot at any point. Aside from the Muncie program, hopefully I'll be able to wear it again soon!
*          *          *
Pattern - 1863 Sheer Dress (TV447)

Fabric - Cotton lawn, poly/cotton blend for the lining

Notions - Bar clasps, hooks and eyes, buttons, poly thread, plastic boning, buttons, pre-made piping, cotton twill tape


  1. Wow, it looks amazing!! I love it!

    1. Thank you! I hope your dress is coming along well too!

    2. Popping by to say that it is, the bodice is probably half done and then the skirt will take almost no time at all in comparison :D

      And also to say that I nominated you for a blog award!

    3. A big thank you for the nomination!