Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HSF #3 Stashbusting

This is no April Fool's joke, I'm getting up a second post AND finished two small projects today. Hooray! And just in time for it to qualify for a 2015 Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge. I'm trying to make all my projects from my fabric stash this year, so I wasn't following the challenges too much. Challenge #3 was stash busting though, so hooray!

What it is - Young girl's bonnet and apron
Fabric - Reproduction cotton fabric from a leftover project for the bonnet, cotton/poly broadcloth for the apron
Pattern - Simplicity 3725
Year - 1870s through 1890s -ish. I wasn't worried about accuracy because they're for play.
Notions - Satin ribbon, bias tape, iron on interfacing for the bonnet, thread
How historically accurate is it? - See above, I wasn't too worried about their accuracy since they're play items for a young girl.
Hours to complete - About 2 hours to cut out, 6 hours to sew both items.
First worn - Not until her birthday in June
Total cost - $0, it's all from the stash!

Back at Christmas I made a calico dress for the beau's younger sister, Lexie. She loved the dress so much that I pulled out the pattern again and made a couple accessories for the dress using stash materials.

Using View A again (used for the original dress), I made the bonnet using scraps of a reproduction calico and bits and pieces already laying around.
Even the bits of ribbon and bias tape came from my hoard of leftover materials. One change I did make to the final bonnet though was I ran ribbon inside the bias tape instead of elastic so that it can be adjustable. Not to mention that given what I sew, I don't exactly keep elastic lying around.
The apron is your basic apron, so the directions and overall completion of it weren't too hard.
Hangers DO NOT make good models
While my projects weren't overly complicated, I'm just happy to have some fun things to send to Lexie and I got to clean out my leftovers!

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