Tuesday, March 10, 2015

18th Century Opulent Art at FIDM Museum

A couple days ago, I covered the film costumes I saw at FIDM. There was a second exhibit at the museum that showcased several pieces from the Helen Larson collection, a collection that the museum is actively trying to acquire. When I've gone in previous years, they've had other pieces from this collection on display (including a dress worn by Queen Victoria!) but this is the first year I got to photograph the display pieces.

The Opulent Era focuses on 18th Century fashion and includes men's and women's clothing, and accessories. Enjoy!
Embroidered shoes with pattens
Robe a l'anglaise

Embroidered bag
Robe a la francaise


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures.Originally planned to fly from Colorado to CA for this exhibition but decided not to spend the money considering the limited amount of items displayed. Glad I was able to see them via your blog! Just one thing, I think you have switched your dress labels. The robe a l'anglaise is the dress without the Watteau pleats. The one with the back pleats is the robe a la francaise.

    1. Hm, I'll have to recheck my photos. While I do like 18th Century costume, it is definitely not my strong point when it comes to knowing details about it. Thanks for pointing this out!