Monday, February 9, 2015

Shakespeare and Mermaids

So I got not one but TWO of my cross stitch projects finished within the last couple of weeks.

The first, Mermaid of the South Seas, turned out pretty spectacular. All the colors and beads pulled it together nicely and I really wish I had to place to hang it! So it goes into the finished bin for now until that time.
The next piece I finished was The Kiss, aka Romeo and Juliet. I started this one back in 2010 right after Jenna told me she'd gotten engaged. The original was done in pink and olive tones, which I switched to purple and green. The only reason it took so long to finish was I didn't have a date to stitch on the bottom. Of course I was able to finally get one last fall, but dress sewing kept me too busy to put it on at that. It's finally finished though, so off to the framer's next week!

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