Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Final Project of 2014

I had to wait to post this until it was received since this was a Christmas gift. I don't have many progress photos since I pretty much just followed the pattern instructions.

Back in August, the beau's dad and young sister came out to Ohio and they went to a Civil War reenactment with us. I had dressed up of course and Lexie just loved my 1863 calico dress with the hoop skirt underneath. We bought her a hat and fan that day, but she kept on mentioning dresses. We departed with the mention that "Christmas would be coming soon."

Well Christmas did come. Kerry went to the fabric store with me and helped to select a pattern and the materials for just a basic calico dress with some embellishments.

I used Simplicity 3725 view A with some modifications. For Lexie's dress, I shortened the sleeves to elbow length and left off the collar so it wouldn't be so tight around the neck (Or hot, they're in California). We weren't going for historical accuracy, so there are some modern alterations like a zipper up the back.

She loves the dress though and looks absolutely darling in it! What a great wrap up for 2014!


  1. Oh Lexie looks utterly adorable in her calico dress! My very first "Victorian" dress was something like this that my mom made me when I was in 4th grade for a presentation on Pioneer Women. I LOVED that dress and I am sure Lexie is going to just love hers!! Good job on making a little girl smile!

    1. Thank you Gina! I think we all remember Our First Dress from childhood, whether it was calico or dress up clothes. I remember shoving pillows under my skirts to try and get the bustle look when I was younger. Still digging the bustle look today, just with a bit more historical accuracy :)