Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wonderland Wedding Costumes

A little bit of catch-up before the last of the year. This is one last (overdue) post from the wedding. Nearly everyone dressed up for the event and I had to share all the costumes.
Kerry as the March Hare, my costume was the Queen of Hearts

Jenna's grandparents as the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts (left), and her parents on the right.
Mollie as the caterpillar and Justin as the March Hare.
Ryan as a card guard and Jessica as the Cheshire Cat.
Allison (Queen of Diamonds), Jamie (Mad Hatter), Joe (also Mad Hatter), Tom (Caterpillar), Erin (card guard).
Ben as the King of Hearts.
Lasha as the White Rabbit
Jenna as Alice and Joe as the Mad Hatter (the lovely bride and groom).
After the ceremony, we hung out in Jackson Square until the reception. While we waiting, there were a number of costumed people walking by for Halloween later that night. These two lovely ladies walked past and I HAD to snap a quick photo. They were so pretty in person!

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