Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Heart My Heart Bloomers

Okay, so my can-can research left me feeling a little inspired and I was definitely looking for something to wear under my dress so the - ahem - modern unmentionables wouldn't show. Short bloomers was the answer so I picked up a multi-length bloomer pattern at the store.
I used the shortest length, since I have plans for some accessories, and cut the pieces out. Thank goodness for large floor space because some of the pieces were huge.
I chose black fabric to contrast against a lot of the red that's underneath the skirt. I followed most of the included directions, making only a few changes to the decorations and sewing methods based on prior experiences and wearer preferences. The biggest change was I eliminated the lace/ribbon along the edge seams, and instead top-stitched red and white ribbon along the ruffles at the bottom.

Part of the reason is because it will go with additions to my bodice (more on that later).
A day and a half later, I finished. Then I felt inspired a little more. I free hand drew a heart and cut one out of my red fabric. After playing with it a bit, I marked a spot, pinned in place, and went to town.
So I loved my little ribbon-trimmed bloomers to start, and then I added the heart, and now I'm completely in love with them! Can't wait to wear them at the end of the month for the wedding!
 *           *          *
Pattern: Simplicity 2777, view E with some modifications. Self-drafted heart cutout.

Fabric: Red and black cotton/poly blend broadcloth.

Notions: Red and white poly satin ribbon for trim and drawstring at waist.

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  1. These are darling!! the heart reminds me of the heart that was on the bodices of Victorian Fencing uniforms!