Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alice Dress Update #2

Last post I put up this preview pic of some fabric:
Jenna is also doing a can-can style skirt (TV 280) for her wedding dress and to help make it her own, she decided to pick a different fabric for each ruffle. Because we had to shorten it for height and preference, we ended up with six different fabrics. After picking up these and a white satin to go on the outside, I started work on the skirt.

Like the first skirt, there was a lot of wedge cutting and line transfer. I also made a different pattern piece since we had to shorten the hem several inches.
Then more fabric strip cutting.

One change I made though was rather than cut and sew my ruffle strips as I needed them, I cut all of them and sewed them at once. 
Like the diamond fabric for my skirt, I had to piece one of the fabrics for this skirt. I'm not sure how but the repeat on the pattern worked out that I only had to shorten the actual length of the ruffle by 2" and there was no repeat.
Can you spot the seam?
Having the strips all cut, sewed, and ready to go cut down on the work time immensely and I managed to get about four of the strips attached in one day (one is halfway pinned).
I have another day off this Tuesday so armed with a bunch of pins, I'll finish the last two rows.

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