Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shopping at Allyns

So I took a quick trip to Denver over the weekend for a family wedding. While I was in town, my mom and I popped over to Allyns Fabric & Bridal Store. I first heard about this store via the costume community and after looking at some of the photos on their Website, decided to make a visit.

These are all beaded trims and embroidered fabrics with beads.
There is fabric literally stacked in every corner of this place. Even in corners and on ledges.
Costume fabrics stacked floor to ceiling - literally.

This place was costume heaven! They have a little bit of everything - bridal laces and fabrics, beaded trims and fabrics, millinery fabric and supplies, buttons, ribbons, and loads more. We spent about two hours there and a lot of it was spent just looking around at everything and taking it in.

Part of the reason I went was because I was looking for supplies for my Ophelia bonnet and they carried millinery supplies. I found that most of their millinery supplies is better suited for modern day derby hats and fascinators, but I found plenty of other things to take home.

Beaded trim and silk for a small handbag
Two inch wide trim with sequins and bullion work. It's much prettier in person!
Sheer embroidered mauve.
I bought a bunch of ribbon for various projects. Underneath is a pink cotton broadcloth that I found for $3 a yard.
I bought these materials to go together for a 1910s dress.
Hat base that I'll use for an 1860s leghorn.
So many goodies! The stuff I'm most excited about is the ribbon because I've been looking for ribbons for various projects, but hate shopping online because I can't feel or see the final product and of course the craft stores never have a good selection.

My mom helped me pick out the fabric, trim, and velvet ribbon combo that's above for a 1910s dress. I've always wanted to make one at some point, but if I did, I wanted to go all out and make sure it's something extravagant. Still need a lining fabric, but figured that is something that's easy to pick from online or a specialty store.

Price wise, things are a higher cost than what you find at the craft store. It's worth it however if you're looking for specialty or unique items. The employees told us the Denver Arts Council and the Denver Ballet shop there regularly for their costume supplies and they have all kinds of photos everywhere of customer projects and some of them are amazing!

If you're in Denver, make sure to visit!


  1. Wow! Not that I'm going there anytime soon...

  2. If you ever end up there make sure to go. It's worth it just to look around and see what kind of pretty fabrics and trims are out there.