Friday, February 28, 2014

Southern Gardens Tea Room

So my my mom recently came out from California to visit and for something to do, her, my sister and I went to a tea room. We opted to go to the Southern Gardens Tea Room in the South Akron area. I'll admit, I didn't know what to expect when we pulled in and there was a sign for sushi flashing in the window.

The Southern Gardens is actually a blend of a tea room and Asian food cuisine restaurant in one. We were seated in the tea room area which has a very nice atmosphere.

We opted for the afternoon luncheon menu (they will do a high tea if you request) and between the three of us enjoyed a chicken salad croissant, potato soup, a walnut salad, scones, and two different types of tea. All of it was excellent, as evidenced by the empty plates we had later.

It was a very good visit and needless to say, I stuffed myself silly on food and tea. I'll probably be heading back in the future for more of both and a bit of fun.

My sister having a bit of fun

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