Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Start off to HSF Pink Challenge

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else happens, but it's been a pretty smooth start to my pink reticule for the new HSF challenge. After buying most of my supplies last week, I sat down and started to sketch out a basic design based on the dimensions of the original.

Using my measurements, I then sketched out pattern pieces for the exterior and the lining of the reticule.

The one thing I found in the initial start-up is there is not a lot of descriptive information available about the original at LACMA outside of the dimensions. Based on the available pictures, the reticule is made up of three embroidered panels sewn together to form a triangular shaped purse. I cut pieces out of muslin then sewed everything together so make sure my measurements and pattern drafting had turned out the way I needed.

It actually turned out very well since the only adjustment it looks like I'll have to make is to the length of the exterior piece of fabric since it ended up being about a 1/4" too short.

The one hitch I've ran into is that apparently small brown tassels are impossible to find. Every craft store I went to had small tassels in every other color and medium-length brown tassels, but no small ones. I couldn't even find a thread that I liked so that I could attempt homemade tassels. So I went for an alternative plan. Instead I bought a length of home decor trim with brown tassels...

Dismantled it...

And ended up with six tassels.

All things considered, I might look into this in the future for the simple reason that it only cost $2.50 for the length of trim and single tassels are about $2 apiece. Much cheaper overall.

I also started cleaning up the lace that I had bought from the store. The one gripe I have with craft store lace of any type is the edges are usually very uneven and choppy. So I grabbed my small scissors and started trimming away the extra netting. Oh what a difference it makes!

Top - Untrimmed Edges, Bottom - Trimmed Edges
With my minor adjustment made to my exterior pattern piece, I'm going to sit down tonight and start cutting pieces from my fashion fabrics.

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