Friday, January 17, 2014

Next Challenge for HSF - Pink!

Well onto the next challenge for the Historical Sew Fortnightly. Since I'm doing the half-marathon, I'm jumping to Challenge #3 - Pink. This one is very basic, I have to make something in a shade of pink. Very straight forward, right? Here's my issue, I'm not a huge fan of pink, at least the modern day fuchsia and hot pink that seems to be everywhere.

Because I have only four weeks to complete the challenge and a pink dress is out of the question, I settled for something a little smaller. I love reticules. They're great for keeping small things in when you're out and I find they work a lot better than those matchbox sized evening clutches. I'm pulling my inspiration from this reticule from about 1820-1825 at the Los Angeles Community Museum of Art.

Women's Retitcule 1800-1825 LACMA
Yes, the big draw was the purple, but I also love all the tassels and the shape. So with only a vague idea of how I might approach this, I went off to the fabric store today to purchase materials. Now I have a big pile of - well, this.

A dusty pink dupioni silk with brown lining, cord, and beaded lace. I bought a little extra of everything since I'm going in pretty blind in terms of how to design and sew the reticule. First I'll have to sit down and draft out a pattern then play with the pieces to see how I'll go about things.

In my store wanderings though, I stumbled across this lovely red floral fabric. At $2.50 a yard, I couldn't resist and bought 5 yards of it with future plans for a Regency dress.

Hopefully I'll have a progress report in a couple of weeks for the Pink Challenge.


  1. That red is a fun fabric! Can't wait to see what you make it up into!
    As for the pink, I think the dusty rose you chose is quite a pleasing shade. Are you thinking of doing any embroidery to it, re: the inspiration?

    1. No embroidery work. I opted for the beaded lace to go around the middle instead. I have some made cross stitch skills but no embroidery skills right now.