Friday, January 17, 2014

Costumes of Downton Abbey

In my fervor to get my first Historical Sew Fortnightly project finished, I didn't get around to posting this right away.

In conjunction with the Hudson Library and Historical Society, Sarah Hume, the curator of the Kent State University Museum (I interned here), did a presentation on the changing fashions of Downton Abbey last week.

According to the Downton Abbey timeline, about ten years has passed since the show began. Along with the characters, the clothing they were has undergone an evolution. Hume went over the major historical events and changing attitudes that affected these changes, using examples pulled from the museum's own vast collection of materials.

Blue Wool Suit 1920s
She did an excellent job of pulling materials to compare between the two decades and against the costumes used in the series itself and I got to catch up with Sarah of Sarah's Clothepress.

For those who live in and around the Kent, OH, area, mark your calendars because the museum is going to open a new exhibit July 24 titled The Great War: Women and Fashion in the World Transformed and highlights changes in fashion between 1914-1920.


  1. oooooh! You found a picture of that blue suit with the neat triangle details!

  2. ... And thanks for the shout-out! :)