Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Evening with the American Heritage Girls

On Thursday, I was the special guest for the American Heritage Girls troop that my cousin Samantha belongs to (same Samantha who was at the tea party). The girls are working on their Our Heritage badge and asked me to come in and talk about early clothing during the 1860s.

I wore my blue bud dress and took along the green and black-striped dress, and the KCI sheer stripe dress that both fit over the elliptical hoop. The girls had a lot of fun looking at the clothes (open drawers are always a great conversation starter), and going through all the accessories I had brought along as well.

Demonstrating how to use a button hook
Like others talks I've done in the past, it's always good to pass along the knowledge I've gained and to work with the kids as well. Looking forward to when I get to do another.

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