Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tavistocks are Here!

I've only had them on payment installment for two months and they're finally here!

My lovely new Tavistocks!

These are the new Tavistock shoes from American Duchess that I have been eagerly awaiting since they were in the initial design phases over a year ago. When Lauren first announced she was going to be making these beauties, I was so excited because I've always loved the Victorian high-button shoes. Imagine my disappointment when it came out that they were only going to be made up to a size 10. I have large, modern day size 11 feet.

Well after a small incident that resulted in my getting a pair of size 10 shoes of a different style, I found they fit rather well. Lauren was already out of black Tavistocks in that size though so when she announced there were ivory ones coming in, I bought them as soon as possible. My ivory pair arrived two days ago and to my greatest joy, THEY FIT PERFECTLY!

And to make things even better, someone returned a pair of size 10 black Tavistocks which I immediately bought. Those are due to be here in another two weeks.

I have never had so much fun with a pair of shoes. In anticipation, I bought shoe button hooks a few months ago and got to use them finally. The fun part was despite never actually doing the process before, I knew how to button the shoes up (an indicator of how many period movies/shows I watch - too many).

I found out today that Hale Farm and Village is going to be doing a Gettysburg battle reenactment this weekend, so I just might button up my shoes and trot on down to check it out (the place is literally five miles from my house). They're not completely period correct for the Civil War, but they'll go great with my cotton blue bud dress.

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