Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

I've been working so I'm just now getting a chance to post this.

I was able to sit down this weekend and crank out a bunch of sewing, resulting in these lovely new frillies.

Underthings 1850s-1880s
The chemise is made using the Truly Victorian 102 pattern, as originally planned. During one of my ventures to the fabric store, I poked through pattern books and ended up coming home with one of the Simplicity Martha McCain historical patterns (9769). 

I used this instead for the drawers and am very happy with the results. Rather than worrying about redrafting a pattern, I sewed this one and it was an absolute breeze. Not only was the pattern easier to put together, but it fits more smoothly than my original drawers from the TV pattern.

Also in my fabric store wanderings, I found a lovely eyelet trim that worked perfectly for the edge of everything.  

I also managed to finish out my corset with all the extra lace and trims and it's gorgeous!

So now that I'm finished with my foundation pieces for under my 1850s-1880s dresses, I'll see about jumping on the 1910's slip next.

I did start one other project and I'll leave you with this little hint - Kate Winslet wore the original in Sense and Sensibility.

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